UK players, 8pm onwards.

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violentvoleviolentvole Reactions: 147Member ✭✭✭
Looking for someone who's in the UK, plays damn near every evening from 8pm for some duos.
I'm not a sweaty tryhard, if we lose we lose.

But I would like to find someone who at least wants to try to get the win and plays a lot so we can get our tactics dialled in.
There's no way to prove it ( unfortunately ) but I have a lot of solo wins, would expect the same in return.
Got to level 32 before the battlepass, currently season level 7 and about to ping tier 5.

Willing to drop weapons and ammo to balance the team out.

Obviously, a mic is needed. I play pretty much every day and want to find a teammate who wants to have fun and go for the win at the same time, without 5 day offline spells.


  • Moods2010Moods2010 Reactions: 30Member
    Hey man, from norway, Cross sea. I’m down to play, I’m on different times but a lot! Good english, communcating and team support man focus. Also interested in Gamebattles, you down? :)
  • cloakedstormcloakedstorm Reactions: 13Member
    hey man, id be down for a few games, i have a couple solo wins and usually average around 5 kills a game, from uk aswell, if your on it my psn is cloaked-storm
  • Spiritus_AquilaeSpiritus_Aquilae Reactions: 37Member
    edited October 2018
    Hey, I'm from the UK. I'm currently season lvl 55 and battlepass tier 30. I win often in all modes.                                         My psn i.d is Spiritus-Aquilae, look forward to seeing u in action.
  • Will2305Will2305 Reactions: 24Member
    edited October 2018
    im down i have about near 30 solo wins, 25 duos and the odd 1 on fives. I can hold my own, have a mic, on most evenings from 6-7 and i live in the UK. Add me on PSN, i'd love to play with you mate, Willster2314

    Ps, anyone else that is down to play games and can hold their own add me. As stated, i have dubs. 

    - Will 

    PSN- Willster2314 
  • 83one83one Reactions: 35Member
    Im from .Yorks,add me:CarlMichael83One PSN
  • firehazardfirehazard Reactions: 2Member
    Another UK player Ps4 H1Z1 + Player-unknown's, Mic, Online most times excellent player [H1Z1 - Since beta] very tactical and a team player [ I own to many in Solo ]  
    PSN - F1R3H4Z3RD Feel free to add
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