PS4 Patch: September 20 (Version 1.42)

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All PS4 servers will be coming offline at 3PM PDT on Thursday, September 20 for an estimated 2-hour maintenance to bring you the latest patch.

Shotties & Snipers

Shotties & Snipers is back in Arcade Mode for the weekend! Plus, there's a NEW limited-time matching Challenge: get 5 kills in Shotties & Snipers and you'll earn 10 Battle Pass Medals.

To play Shotties & Snipers, select the "Arcade" option from the Play menu. Shotties & Snipers will be available at the below times in each region:

  • NA Shotties & Snipers:
    • 10AM PDT on Friday, September 21 through 10AM PDT on Monday, September 24
    • 10AM PDT on Friday, September 28 through 10AM PDT on Monday, October 1
  • EU Shotties & Snipers:
    • 7PM CEST on Friday, September 21 through 7PM CEST on Monday, September 24
    • 7PM CEST on Friday, September 28 through 7PM CEST on Monday, October 1

Fumigator Collection

There's a new type of Crate available that's guaranteed to put a smile (or at least a stylish fumigator mask) on your face! The Fumigator Collection contains 10 helmets that match existing community favorite skins (such as Rasta, Anarchy, and Toxic) while providing a unique new look. This Collection has a few key similarities and important differences from standard Crates:

  • Like a standard Crate, you will receive one item at random for each Crate you open
  • Unlike a standard Crate, the Fumigator Collection is guaranteed to never grant a duplicate
  • If you get lucky and open a Crate containing the Legendary Rasta Fumigator Mask (a jackpot roll), you'll automatically be granted ALL of the helmets
  • If luck isn't on your side, don't worry - you're guaranteed to get all 10 helmets if you open 9 of these Crates

Individual Fumigator Collection Crates are available for 400 Crowns each in the Buy Crates menu, and a 9-pack guaranteeing all 10 helmets is available for 3000 Crowns (saving 600 Crowns vs. buying them individually).


  • Added 7 new items to the Victory Crate:
    • Blue Schematic AK-47 (Rare)
    • Green Starred Armor (Uncommon)
    • Lime Smiley Motorcycle Helmet (Uncommon)
    • Triage Puffy Jacket (Uncommon)
    • Turquoise Wave Parachute (Uncommon)
    • Gray and Yellow Backpack (Common)
    • Snakeskin Wrestling Tights (Common)
  • You'll now receive a notification when downing an opposing player.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the character to not fully render.
  • Magnums no longer one-shot a player through helmets when using hipfire.
  • Credits should now be updated properly in the UI when scrapping duplicates.
  • RPG-7 rockets no longer render in and out when previewed in Customization.
  • Cleaned up character animations when shooting your last rocket and aiming down sights.
  • Cleaned up character animations when taking damage from gas grenades.
  • Fixed several minor user interface issues.


  • Cole_MacGraftCole_MacGraft Reactions: 212Member ✭✭✭
  • ssShwassShwa Reactions: 4Member
    I have to agree with Mech. I like switching around outfits but it's a bit of a hassle. 

    Just a question, why have the random crates disappeared. I remember getting crates for simply playing the game. I finished the battle pass and now I don't get any rewards for playing unless I win and hope for a duplicate that gives me enough skulls to purchase something in the marketplace which is honestly so rare. 

    My point being I don't think it's fair that if I grind a day away and get say three wins, three duplicates if I'm lucky grant me 100 dup skulls each- that's 300. 

    Now what can I purchase with that when the items are start at 650? 

    I don't play half as much because now that I've completed the battle pass there truly isn't much incentive. 

    Just a thought. Still love you Daybreak. Big fan.

    Psn- coisjie89 
    YouTube Shwa coisjie89 Green House Gaming!
  • SuspenceSuspence Reactions: 54Member ✭✭
    I must have missed something, when did the gaming community change to become the skin obsessed cash cows we are today?

    I challenge anyone to justify how the minimum spend of $50+ to get the exact same mask 10 times but in a different colour.... Is a worth while transaction. Would you have paid a extra $50 to pre order this under the gimmick of the gas masks? I highly doubt it and if so why? 

    I get free games need to make there money somehow, but I'm sure someone wiser then you in life has told you nothing in life is free and that is so true when it comes to F2P games. They sacrifice updating servers, game play and bugs over the things that will potentially make them more money. I see games selling skin packs for the retail value of a complete AAA game...

    So by that logic the same gas mask 10 times with a different colour is almost worth the same value as the complete SpiderMan, Battlefield or COD game? and before some H1Z1 defending hero jumps in with the "skins take time do you want them to work for free" statement I reply to you with this. I don't expect them to work for free. But I also don't rate prioritising cosmetics over stability and optimisation and when you try and sell some skins that are usually the same items that are already IN THE GAME in a new colour scheme for more them a entire game is worth it's when I question the ethics of the decision. 
  • str1fe92gstr1fe92g Reactions: 145Member ✭✭✭
    @LieutenantToast what's 1.43 do?
  • AlphaBravoAlphaBravo Reactions: 256Member ✭✭✭
    Completely agree with suspence comment on skins. Ive won over 150 matches, maybe unlocked 50-60% of all items but for what? Vast majority i dont use or like while the few items i do, will never likely get because of all the duplicates and piling new uninspiring items each week makes this harder. This means i have to play this game until i move on but never had the chance to wear something i actually like.

    And these last updates seem more occupied with store items than with game updates. Where's the patches for hitting 60fps or reducing frame drops to minimum. Wheres the changes needed for making it easier to use throwables or improving actions for picking up items (really hard to collect exploding arrows). The whole interface needs to be more fluid and responsive from changing weapons to interacting with items and environment.

    And last of all, i dont see enough interactions in this forum between devs or reps and the comments  made by users. They take time and effort to write about there concerns or wishes and its disheartening to see little to no input.
  • 83one83one Reactions: 35Member
    I havnt recieved crowns i purchased since update?Help?
  • MagwarMagwar Reactions: 62Member ✭✭
    Last update patch notes of the 21 today had not been upload.. And yes the guy above i no4 crates in a row of duplucates... Not fare.. with so many items im mising ****... And market place prices are so high 1 purchase and im broke again mmm
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