A Haunting H1Z1 Holiday!

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  • Droidd133Droidd133 Reactions: 12Member
    I love getting battle pass medals out the treat box and getting more treat boxes just to get MORE battle pass medals
  • ns213ns213 Reactions: 35Member
    i just got a duplicate from a dead man chest smh, thought i had to unlock everything for thar to happen
  • ns213ns213 Reactions: 35Member
    oh so the bookbag isnt a common tier item, if i dont have anything nice tosayi wont say it attll
  • Beroxz454Beroxz454 Reactions: 28Member
    No dublicat ahaha, 3 dublicat omg, rly....
  • McKnuckleSandwichMcKnuckleSandwich Reactions: 2Member
    3 duplicate hell fires in a row... Way to go... 
  • MagwarMagwar Reactions: 62Member ✭✭
    I win the event again and a duplicated military vest... I hoped a dead man chest cause the event is really hard so far
  • MagwarMagwar Reactions: 62Member ✭✭

    CPLCactus said:
    MechAArmA said:
    Can we get dupps from collecting crates ? 
    The dead Mans chest will not give dupes
    Not quite correct - the COMMON tier items of the Dead Man's Chest are no-dupe (the regular rules apply for all other tiers). This was done for a key reason - to help you collect all those Tactical Masks for the Green Bone set!

    Hope that helps clear things up :)
    Ohh okay, so the tac helmet aren't the only thing in the dead man's chest. 
    Not at all, there's way more in there! Like all the stuff in this picture:

    COMMONS DUPES OVER AND OVER 1 MASK LEFT AND MORE DUPES OF DEAD MANS CHEST really that statement up there is not working here in game.

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