PS4 Game Update: Hauntfest!

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LieutenantToastLieutenantToast Reactions: 590Member admin

All H1Z1 servers will be coming offline for a 2-hour maintenance at the below times in each region to bring you Hauntfest and more:


  • Hauntfest is now live, featuring your FREE Hauntfest Event Pass and the NEW Dead Man's Chest! Check out all the Hauntfest details here.
  • You are now able to spectate your killer after an Arcade Mode match.
  • The Desert Eagle's aim assist has been adjusted for balance.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved performance during a certain airdrop phase.
  • Fixed the Offroader Jungle Camo skin preview.
  • Fixed the Offroader windshield tint resolution.


  • jah0999jah0999 Reactions: 28Member
    Has anyone seen a performance boost with the airdrop phase fix? Need to know before I play a match
  • Ehre_EliteEhre_Elite Reactions: 2Member
    Will there be more preformance/stability updates in-between seasons or just a small tweak per season? More frequent updates would be nice, it gives off the illusion that something is actually being done. 
  • Bigornodu81Bigornodu81 Reactions: 2Member
    Pfffffff vivement red rédemption 2 

    Mais arrête gros laisse les tranquilles ils taffent pas mal soit patient mon petit
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