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  • CueCue Reactions: 16Member
    Make H1Z1 great again!
  • LowkeyLowkey Reactions: 16Member
    This game has always been very near and dear to my heart, for the past almost year it’s been very dull, at this point in time I’m starting to see a light at the end of this never ending tunnel.

    Cant wait to see what you bring to the table Mr. Jace Hall, just know that the community has your back, keep working hard and know that all your hard work for the community such as, going into each region just to thank them, really does mean a lot and hasn’t gone unnoticed by us!

    Much love and positive vibes going your way +++
  • JuleesCJuleesC Reactions: 4Member
    I love U Jace
  • HusKersHusKers Reactions: 14Member
    Excited for everything to come. Hosted games desperately need support again to fix bugs and crashes
  • floyd_hffloyd_hf Reactions: 15Member
    I am now what we could call, happy.
  • MelloMello Reactions: 15Member
    Let's do it ! Let's save H1Z1  :D 
  • flow_flow_ Reactions: 14Member
  • MickeyMickey Reactions: 28Member
    Fantastic! I'm hyped!  B)
  • WetttWettt Reactions: 14Member
    We love Jace! :smile:
  • KraigKraig Reactions: 17Member
    edited August 2018
    Im looking forward to the future of HJuan  <3 <3

  • KraigKraig Reactions: 17Member
    My body is ready... GET ER DONE JACE!!!
  • RySSeNn22RySSeNn22 Reactions: 41Member
    Love u jace and believe in u dude! 
  • SkynoxSkynox Reactions: 22Member
    Thanks you so much  <3
  • Nemomaster10Nemomaster10 Reactions: 41Member
    Thor said:
    You haven’t been a real game dev in 10 years. I wonder why that is. I see a lot of “I believe”! I believe your just in it for the money and that you still control an under ground black market for your precious TG skins.  I believe that daybreak made a terrible decision to let you lead.  I believe the game will still fail after you mess it up yet again. I believe it will fail just as hard as the pro league. I believe h1z1 will now officially die in your uncapable hands.   TLDR I believe jace hall is not going to save anything.
    Well that's fine but everybody else have faith and if it flops hey blame him
  • RStarphoenixRStarphoenix Reactions: 46Member

    It is important to note that no matter how hard we try, nothing is ever going to be absolutely perfect, and not everyone will be totally and completely satisfied. With that being said we will always strive for the best collective solutions but - 
    • Together we will make some mistakes.
    • Together we will acknowledge and admit when they happen.
    • Together we will immediately revert, change or remove them without hesitation.
    The part I quoted above is the part, out of all things, I am glad you said the most. When even the inkling of your increased involvement became an educated guess (and correctly so now), there was one blanket thought that was being said.

    Jace Hall would superhuman fix everything.

    The fact you have said "mistakes will be made" is one thing I'm glad you said. I read your entire post three times so I could properly absorb what was said. I have never let what went wrong with this game stop me from playing, or make me cry about the past. I kept going and looked for that "someday we'll see it made right". This was long before you tweets about having vision on the subject of H1Z1.

    I may not be one of the vocals that scream "bring back PS3". I actually kinda like some of the things that are live, right now at this very moment. Sure, we need some things fixed. Bullets may fly a bit too fast, cheaters are ever-present and very real (I've witnessed the likes of Pineaqples and Flamehopper get destroyed by them live on their streams), and quite possibly our car physics could use some work (as funny as it is, i don't think doing a 1440 flat spin off a mountain in a police car should be quite possible). There's a few things I can't remember right now, of course.

    I guess I'm one of the more patient ones. I've sat, waited, played, groaned, cursed vehemently, raged, and went back to playing. No different than anyone else that cares.

    Looking forward to when the NDA can be cast off and we can be given that road map.

    Oh yes, and by the way, just because I walk around in those funny pink pajamas doesn't mean I'm impersonating anyone. I just happen to actually like wearing that skin in game. I got accused of impersonating Jace Hall more than a few times.

    Thanks for reading. Now I go back to being the horribly mediocre player that I am :D
  • ZelZel Reactions: 16Member
    Given how much Jace is promising the community, I can't do anything but believe him. His reputation will be torn apart if he doesn't give the game the revert it needs. Let's hope this game can be revived, at least to the point where old players return to level out the playing field in terms of player skill.
  • SinisterSinister Reactions: 3Member
    Hopefully h1 comes back 
  • FippityFippity Reactions: 20Member
    Believe him
  • dracodraco Reactions: 15Member
    edited August 2018
    Soon is my favorite part.
    Luv u Jace

  • GOTCHAGOTCHA Reactions: 14Member

    Remember a few weeks rather Jace I told you that your destiny would guide you to yours here is done, hope is no longer simply an option but a reality thank you again for all that is put in place and what will arrive
  • BambiSLAYERBambiSLAYER Reactions: 14Member
    let s go boyssss
  • HologramgirlHologramgirl Reactions: 15Member
    Yes, Jace! Excited for the future changes ❤
  • kelanfkelanf Reactions: 25Member
    I love you jace :smile:  <3
  • hydreihydrei Reactions: 15Member
    I'm glad, something like this really happens. :)
  • DeathmordorDeathmordor Reactions: 3Member
  • WeedliiciiousWeedliiciious Reactions: 18Member
    edited August 2018
    Hi @JaceHall i know that may be not your business but can you please take a look for Just Survive ? Once those games where one and i think H1z1 should be the name for a zombie virus again.
    I played both games a lot and in the first months they seperatet those games both went down to history! But almost everything that happend after that made the game worse in my opinion. (Z1 and other small things excluded)
    It was simply perfect to train your aim and combat fighting in King of the Kill and then switching in the nights for raiding the other Bases in Js.
    Also Just Survive offered me massive Clan fights, which were wayyyyy more intense than fights in Kotk.

    A time ago i read something about a legacy H1z1, that would be awesome :o B)

    Please take this chance @JaceHall @Daybreak we still love you <3
  • jacksonjackson Reactions: 22Member
    I believe in the bald man.
  • spiels23spiels23 Reactions: 13Member
    Really excited to see the next step in the evolution of this great game. Sure there were a couple fall back/missteps...but I think with Jace at the helm and the team he surrounds himself with, we have nothing but a great future to look forward to! Cannot wait! Keep up the great work & lets make this community non-toxic while we're at it!
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