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  • ZekeZeke Reactions: 13Member
    One Day
  • ValuableGValuableG Reactions: 16Member
    I am  super excited for the future of the game I once cherished dearly, thanks for everything Jace. It really means a lot to the people who have stuck around including me, and it will mean a lot for the people to come. Been playing this game since the very start and I am glad I will be able to the game I loved SOON. Here's to a successful revival of H1Z1! cheers.

  • CarriosCarrios Reactions: 13Member
    Thank you
  • PulseofWinterPulseofWinter Reactions: 15Member
    Just wanted to add I think its awesome that Jace is actually playing the game currently. Seen him in multiple solo lobbies recently. Its easy to see that he is a fan first.
  • JusticeJustice Reactions: 15Member
    It is time!
  • seabreadseabread Reactions: 13Member
    JaceHall said:
    Thor said:
    You haven’t been a real game dev in 10 years. I wonder why that is. I see a lot of “I believe”! I believe your just in it for the money and that you still control an under ground black market for your precious TG skins.  I believe that daybreak made a terrible decision to let you lead.  I believe the game will still fail after you mess it up yet again. I believe it will fail just as hard as the pro league. I believe h1z1 will now officially die in your uncapable hands.   TLDR I believe jace hall is not going to save anything.
    I understand your skepticism. I agree that I need to show and prove. I readily admit that I cannot single-handedly move the game toward positive growth. We all must do it together.

    I believe in this community, and this game. I also believe in you.

    At the very least you can now watch my incapable handles be incapable. Although really its not my hands so much as my head which is incapable of growing hair.

    You're like jesus, forgiving your persecutors and believing in them
  • TimZ1TimZ1 Reactions: 26Member
    As a huge fan of H1Z1, i cannot be more happy that someone as passionnate as you is taking the lead.
    I really hope that the community will contribute and support what you are doing and i'm really looking forward to all those "Coming soon" thing :D
    Thank you Jace <3
  • ItsKrisItsKris Reactions: 3Member
    Soon = ? Soon:'(
  • LafaysNALafaysNA Reactions: 13Member
  • xanantonioxanantonio Reactions: 12Member
    We love you, and we believe in you, Jace.  <3 <3 <3
  • FF_DeathshotFF_Deathshot Reactions: 3Member
    • Thanks you for your work!
    • #soon

  • EnzoEnzo Reactions: 13Member
    Honesty can’t wait for the what the future stands for H1Z1, just seeing these old weapon models in the reactions gets me hyped!
  • n_y_k_on_y_k_o Reactions: 48Member
    i will eat my living being self to get ps3 back
  • cozplscozpls Reactions: 13Member
    i just wanna play this game with my friends again. everyone quit  :(
  • RaTeDRaTeD Reactions: 3Member
    Hurry your bald **** up and show some of us Just Survive players some love too. WE NEED YOU!
  • MakaveliMakaveli Reactions: 31Member
    Love you Arc and Jace, thanks for making this possible!!! :smiley:
  • Lucas60FPSLucas60FPS Reactions: 14Member
    Thank you Jace and Arc for making that possible.
  • ValuableGValuableG Reactions: 16Member
    Arclegger said:
    Thank you Jace and thank you to the community for not stealing my name before I could make it myself!  :D Looking forward to working with Jace, and team, and with you all on all the ways we can assist and help the community to get what it wants. And when Jace says more info soon, he means it. There will be, and a lot of it.
    that being said, are things in the process of being done or has anything even started yet? 
  • StonuhhStonuhh Reactions: 14Member
    edited August 2018
    My hope is at an all time HIGH. Please dont disappoint <3 much to everyone
  • b34n_djjpurolb34n_djjpurol Reactions: 3Member
    never been a fan of forums... they digress so fast.. that said, i look forward to the future for H1! 
  • Saur1kSaur1k Reactions: 16Member
    Limit Cheaters and re-stream in China, then this game will great again
  • AcidAcid Reactions: 13Member
    I am so keen to seen how it all goes, high hopes!  <3
  • alvaalva Reactions: 14Member
    That's it! After all, the market is too competitive now. H1Z1 is no longer the only game at Battle royale. Daybreak, has left too many players heartbroken, whether it's customer service, development or design.
  • alvaalva Reactions: 14Member
    But I still hope H1Z1 can be brilliant again. After all, this is the game I love. Although it is now free of charge, although I have been frustrated.
  • DadbotDadbot Reactions: 83Member ✭✭
    Arclegger said:
    and thank you to the community for not stealing my name before I could make it myself!  
    orrrr..... thank you to LT for deleting the one(s) that did attempt to do it... :wink:

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