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    jace hall is god
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    Better anticheat better optimization and better visibility and take us back to z2 without the extra added POIs in the CU and H1z1 is even more golden!
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    JaceHall said:

    -tldr; at bottom

    Dear H1Z1 PC Community,

    First of all, I would like to express deep appreciation to everyone for their continued passion, support, and interest in H1Z1 PC! Without the players, there is no future for the game. YOU MATTER ABOVE ALL. End of story. :smile:

    (-obviously without the hard working and greatly under-appreciated devs at Daybreak, there would be no game either - but the huge luv message from me they rightfully deserve needs to be separate from this note...)

    Now as many of you already know, a few days ago I mentioned on my twitter (@jacehall) that I have taken the lead on the PC version of H1Z1. For the moment, the absolute entire detail surrounding this change of control has not been completely and publicly articulated yet - however there are some some very rational and positive NDA related reasons why some details have had to be slightly delayed, so I ask the community to please bear with me for the moment.

    In the meanwhile, here are some basic things that I can tell you regarding H1Z1 PC development in the future:

    Generally speaking, things that the community WANTS are the things that the community WILL GET. It is not a question of "IF" we are going to deliver desired changes to the player base, it is only a question of "WHEN." Count on it. The game is a service. A good service delivers what its customer's want. It's that simple.

    Once we are in a situation where NDA's and etc. are over (SOON), the community can expect a ton of answers and significant transparency on everything being done. Communication will be unrestricted and free flowing from all dev team members (if they are so inclined) and bi-directional with the community. The forward going philosophy will be to never try to "surprise" the community with major features or changes, the community will just simply be able to know what the roadmap is at all times - and be able to have visibility into specific progress of all items of concern as development moves forward. This will help guide the development process so that everything being delivered is always what was desired. No surprises. 

    It is important to note that no matter how hard we try, nothing is ever going to be absolutely perfect, and not everyone will be totally and completely satisfied. With that being said we will always strive for the best collective solutions but - 
    • Together we will make some mistakes.
    • Together we will acknowledge and admit when they happen.
    • Together we will immediately revert, change or remove them without hesitation.
    H1Z1 PC development will aim to be as collaborative as possible, both internally among the development team, and externally with the community.

    Again, there have been a ton of questions sent to me via social media, and unfortunately I can't provide the answers I have right at this exact moment, however the good news is that the vast majority of these questions and concerns have already been thought about and discussed deeply and there are real answers for them, which will be forthcoming as soon as humanly possible!

    Notwithstanding those specific answers, for those that are interested, here are some (not all) of my general personal beliefs regarding H1Z1 PC (no particular order) -
    • I believe that H1Z1 PC has a tremendous amount of potential and the community is unique, incredible and passionate. 
    • I believe that a good portion of community toxicity may be the result of people loving the game so much that they have become frustrated over time with H1Z1 PC not reaching the potential that they know it should achieve.
    • I believe that there is a real opportunity for growth of the player base but the priority must be to get back to the fundamentals of creating a seriously fun, engaging, and REWARDING experience for every player - from n00b to Pro.
    • I believe that the community in general may have gotten "so serious" due to frustration and that we all might benefit from a little more fun, light-heartedness and providing a bit more social room of understanding of each other's passions and concerns regarding the game. I will try to lead the way on this.
    • I believe that there are clear ways to heavily discourage and reduce cheating and it is critically important to do so.
    • I believe that the opportunity of in-game items, along with the entire skin system can be harnessed and elevated significantly for the benefit of all.
    • I believe that more accessibility to more local servers is important.
    • I believe that the whole ecosystem of competitive play, skill gap, outplay mechanics, etc. from joe-to-pro is super important and that the community should be massively supported across the board in the many areas that this can touch.
    • I believe much more can be done to earmark achievement in the game and provide value and motivation to grind and invest time.
    • I believe that the game belongs to the community first and foremost, and that development's job is to deliver what the community wants first, before anything else.
    • I believe that it is important to create real symbiotic ways for the community and individuals to directly benefit from streaming, promoting, hosting, and bringing new users to the game.
    • I believe that it is important to preserve and honor the value that has been personally captured by long-term H1Z1 PC players and supporters, and to never do anything to diminish their loyalty, contributions and achievements.
    • I believe that H1Z1 PC total ecosystem can slowly but surely and uniquely become something like the "Counter Strike" of the Battle Royale Genre. It's an exciting thought.
    • I believe that all this needs to happen as soon as humanly possible, and that delays of any kind must be avoided at all costs.
    And finally -

    If you do your research on me, you will find that I have been involved in the creation of many well-known successful video games, game franchises, and game companies/publishers. I have lived and breathed video games, the culture, the people... all of it... for my entire life. I very much care about this game and community, and I will bring my experience to help as much as I can.

    So please understand that from my perspective, this new era of H1Z1 PC is not about THIS game versus THAT game. It's not about trying to "beat" other BR games or trying to "compare" to others. Much luv always comes from me to all games, gamemakers, and the communities that are part of them.

    However, H1Z1 PC is original and unique, and so is it's community. Our collective goal should aim to simply grow the total H1Z1 PC ecosystem and community to be as big and as best as it organically can be, whatever size that is - not to try to ever try to force it to be something it is not. I personally believe H1Z1 PC can become quite substantial if approached correctly.

    Love all of gaming, play everything (even other BR games) and have fun always - just know that once you are done playing other titles, H1Z1 PC will now always welcome you back home, however long you choose to stay. Come warm yourself by our ever growing community fire. :smile:

    Much luv to the community. More info soon.
    -Jace Hall

    BLAH BLAH BLAH JACE TALKS A LOT BUT SAYZ NOTHING. The new era of H1Z1 PC may actually rule, but we shall see. He needs to hurry his bald **** up. MORE INFO SOON.

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    Good stuff Jace really proud of the hard work. That you and the team are putting in. Keep going no matter what the #MASS community is behind you %100
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    Read this post again and this part here is my favorite

    Together we will make some mistakes.
    Together we will acknowledge and admit when they happen.
    Together we will immediately revert, change or remove them without hesitation.

    Meaning that the combat update that happened to H1z1 if Jace was in lead back then we would have immediately reverted back to whatever build we was playing before instead of being forced to play on it for a year.
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    I cry, i just really cry.. I hope everything go fine! i really can't wait for it.
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    PVE mode, you promised JS has cheated us.
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    A message to Jace Hall. 

    Congratz, You actually killed the game. At least it was fun but needed som fixes before you messed it up.

    Lobbies in EU doesn't even fill now, **** are you pe
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    Hi Jace. I believe the earth is round. 
    Being a new player i would like to give you my input on some of the things in your game. Actually i dont if its yours, but i`ll simply accept that you are "the boss"
    There are good positives compared to other BR (and I mean fortnite). The overwall enviromental look and feel, the skill when comes when shooting your ar and the proximity voice chat that could be pretty fun.
    However on the down side, you guys took a good idea and the managament team, eager to make as much money as possible and the old views believer devs destroyed the whole game to a sad state where less than 3k players are playing the game in its peak.
    Im sure you know your mistakes better than I do, so have a sit,  play a couple of rounds. Is this a game you are happy with ? (not ritorical) 

    P.S. Does it really take 5 loading screens for a match with 10 or so players ? 

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