How to get to Crates first

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During the scavenger phase of the match (this is when players are mainly looking for loot and fighting is minimal) the only way to get to better equipment is to find it in supply crates/drops.  Since everyone will be on the hunt for them, what you need to know is how to get to the crate first before everyone else does. Here are some simple tips to follow.

  1. Keep your ears open for the sounds of cargo planes
  2. At the very moment you hear a cargo plane coming, look towards the sky. Try to look in the direction from which the noise is coming.
  3. ****IF YOU SEE**** a cargo plane, watch carefully to see if it drops any crates. It's important to note that multiple cargo planes tend cross paths, so don't worry if the first one doesn't drop any. If you don't see a cargo plane, it simply means that the plane is far away from your location.
  4. When it drops a crate, keep note of the direction in degrees, and head towards the crate immediately
  5. Time is of the essence. At the very moment a crate drops it displays a shining beacon which anyone from miles away can see.  You want to head towards the crate at once while it's in the air. The idea here is so that you'll be at it's location before it lands.
  6. You should be at the crate just before it's about to land. At the very moment it lands YOU MUST OPEN IT. The longer it's on the ground, the higher the probability that someone will notice there's a supply crate nearby. This means confrontation which you may or may not walk away from.
Hope this helps!!!
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